Q: If I know what sort of product I would like, how will I know it’s the best option for my event or promotion?

A: We will review your brief and guide you to the right choice for your budget and event.

Q: How do I know what artwork I have and what you need?

A: In the first instance your designer who originally created your logo or the printers who print your company stationery will probably have the artwork and PMS references. However, our studio is on hand to help with any artwork queries.

Q: Do I or can I order from the website directly?

A: Due to several options available including method of print/embroidery/engraving and the quantity and delivery options, we would like to speak with you to ensure we are quoting for the right product for your requirements. We will then check all the options in our brief and confirm them back to you. Usually this is on the same day.

Q: What do the prices shown on the site include?

A: The prices on websites are generally for a product printed one colour in one position excluding the set-up costs for branding and carriage. However, we prefer to quote for each and every customer once we know what your exact product/quantity/branding and delivery dates are. Every customer is important to us and we treat you as an individual.

Q: What if I have deadlines? How long do products take to brand and have delivered?

A: The quick answer is we will advise the delivery time for every product at the time of enquiry. Delivery times vary depending on the item, the branding required and the quantity involved. If we are branding an ‘off the shelf product’ some can be delivered within 24 – 48 hrs but if you are having a concept turned into reality, we will discuss lead times at the time of enquiry.

Q: What if I really do need an item ‘Yesterday’?

A: We can provide an express service for which there is normally an additional surcharge imposed depending on the product. We will do all we can to supply products to meet your deadline and will tell you upfront whether this will be possible so you are not disappointed.

Q: Do I have to spend a certain amount or do you have a minimum product quantity I have to reach to qualify for branding a product?

A: No. Some items are available as a one off product. However, usually the more a quantity increases the less expensive the items will be.

Q: Can I have plain samples before I order?

A: If we have the product in stock we are happy to send this out to you without cost however, depending on the item we may have to impose a charge which will be refunded to you upon an order being placed.

Q: If we place an order with you for more than one product or multiple items at the same time do we get a discount?

A: We have very competitive pricing already but we are always willing to re-visit pricing for such orders at the time and also try and consolidate carriage costs when and where possible.

Q: Why do I have to pay a delivery charge?

A: Depending on where the goods are shipped from there will always be a charge for delivery. We can include the delivery in the overall price but it still must be paid and prices vary depending on the courier. Air freight and shipping costs bump the price up, but generally courier charges are very reasonable and we always advise this cost within our quotation.

Q: Can you ship overseas if we wanted you to?

A: Yes, and we do! Some of our customers hold events and exhibitions abroad or other offices they need products for. Prices for delivery overseas are quoted bespoke.

Q: Do you have a catalogue?

A: Yes, we do, please request a copy.

Q: When do you require me to pay for my order?

A: First orders with us are always proforma. Then normal 30 days terms subject to the usual checks.

Q: How can I pay John Price Printers Limited?

A: Accounts are settled by BACS preferably. Cheques are also accepted.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to answer them. Just get in contact with us by phone or email.